Dragon Warrior 7 - Coastal

I know that not many people here have much experience with this game, but I’m about to have a fit. I’m currently in the past Coastal, and I’m trying to defeat the monster eating the Glim Moss. This dude (or the monsters with it) has handed my ass to me at least five times, and some tips would help a lot.

Currently my party’s at level 24-25, and my equipment’s pretty up to par. My hero has mastered Dragoon and has at least five stars for Cleric. Melvin has mastered Warrior and Cleric and has just started Fighter. Gabo is only a few fights from mastering both Dragoon and Shepherd, and Aira has mastered Warrior and Dancer with six stars for Bard and three for Jester.

I’ve used Warsong to increase defense and Woolguard to protect against the cold attacks, but I keep getting bogged down with fire breath attacks and regular attacks in addition to paralyzing breath. Any help that someone has would be appreciated.

Personally, I found the battle easy with all of my characters using SwordDance every turn. SwordDance is a Warrior/Dancer hybrid ability, and it hits 4 times for very good damage (might be as good as a regular attack, not sure though). It’s also free of MP cost.

When the classes don’t work, just change 'em and come back or level away. I personally found the fight to be pretty easy also.

If you have any character that can cast HealUs or an equivalent of, have him cast it continuously. You should have at least 2 characters that can do that. The final battle might depend on you having 2 characters continuously casting HealUs.

Though if you can learn it, Hustle generally works better. Learning Hustle requires mastery of the TeenIdol class (ugh…), but it’s well worth being able to heal 80-100 HP to your whole team for no MP cost.

“HealUs or an equivalent of,”

Hustle is a fucking awesome skill.

I was WAY overleveled last time I played. I had 2 Godhands tossing Ultra Hit at him. Needless to say, he didn’t live long.