Dragon Warrior 6

Ok, so I got the mirror of ra and I’m back at the castle of reidock. There’s a guard at the gate that won’t let me in. The translation I’m using really, really sucks and I don’t know what the guard is saying. He gives me a yes/no, and regardless of what I answer he won’t let me in.

Help :\

Crisis averted.

End Transmission.

Well…I also have a Q about this game…anyone know where I can get a good patch that actually has everything, or at LEAST over 90% of the game translated? Stupid patch that ends after killing stupid boss -.-


NoPrgress’s translation is 90% done. That’s the most there is.

Does .90 means its 90 percent done?

Mostly everything on whirlpool like Romancing SaGa and BAhamut Lagoon are incomplete, so i can’t play them

I remember playing Romancing SaGa and suddenly running into the ending after beating up the lizard man