Dragon Warrior 3 GBC - Bonus Areas

I’ve finished the game, gone to the Sky World, and fought and defeated Divinegon once (in 25 turns exactly). I’d love to know what other people’s strategies are for this fight, as it was on the tougher side for me. If I have to win in less than 25 turns and then in less than 15, I might end up shooting myself in the foot.

Wait! Wait, I say! There’s something you NEED to do!

Before you beat Divinegon again, you’re going to want his rare medals. However, there’s a trick you can do so that you can get those medals without actually “beating” Divinegon! Beat him in a fight in the required amount of turns, and choose the medals. After that, check your Medal screen. Monster Medals save to the game, not your individual save file, so if you turn the game off, the game will assume you HAVEN’T beaten Divinegon, but you’ll still have the medals. You need about 150 different medals to get down to the second hidden dungeon, one I haven’t reached quite yet.

Anyway, here’s what you should use against the boss.

Hero - Thordain; a very powerful spell.
Everyone else - Explodet.

What you should do is have everyone on your team besides the Hero as a Sage, so that you have maximum magic power. Make sure you’re well protected from fire, and have some SageRocks handy. Explodet should do 150-300 damage per hit, Thordain doing a little more. A few rounds of that should do it. And by the way, I think you have 20 turns to do it.

One thing I shouls add to Dalton’s post is that a level 20 goof-off can become a sage. otherwise its impossible because of lack of books. Need to defeat that dragon sometime.

In the GBC version, there’s a second Zen Scroll in Rimuldar, so that helps with getting Sages.

So… I’ve won in 20 turns, but here’s the thing. I know that there are more rare medals than the first set that one can get from beating Divinegon. The turning off the game thing got me more medals from the same set, but I heard of another trick. It’s to save the game onto a different file after winning the first set of rare medals and then playing on from the new file. The game will behave as if you haven’t beaten Divinegon within the previous number of turns and it’ll stay at its old level of required turns. However, I haven’t tried this out yet, so we’ll see how it goes. That’s the way it’s supposed to work, lol. I’ve been sort of distracted by my new Pachisi track.

Whoa, I’m way behind, DW III came out for GB? And it’s gone new areas?

Yes, it’s an almost direct port of the SNES DW3 remake. A new job class (Thief), some new abilities, improved playability, and 2 hidden bonus dungeons, along with updated music and graphics.