Dragon Quest will be getting more localizations

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That is all until about 2020.

Just popping in to say that DQVII’s remake really isn’t worth it (beyond having it on a portable device) if you already have the PSX version.

Something tells me that DQVIII will suffer a similar fate.

That said, loving FINALLY Squeenix.

Also, you’re gonna have to change your user name to ‘Bird of terrordise’.

I dunno, it sounds muuuuuch more streamlined. That alone makes me wanna pick it up; I never finished Dragon Warrior 7 because I just couldn’t find a fragment. Even following the DW7 shrine we had, and consulting every FAQ on GameFAQs at the time, I had literally every possible fragment you could get, but I couldn’t get any farther in the game. It was a frustrating way to have to stop playing after sinking a good 55~ hours into it. Also, isn’t the music better? The 3DS OST on Youtube is a live recording of an orchestra. That’s pretty great.

The music was downgraded back to synthesizer quality due to ownership rights. As for the streamlining, they cut part of island that unlocks Immigrant Town for no good reason, as well as the puzzle dungeon at the very beginning in favor of making you perform a repetitive fetchquest (complete with unskippable cutscenes) for each item (and are basically the only notable changes to the otherwise 100+ hour game). And the shard hunting was made easier with the Dragon Shard Radar, but in exchange, Nose for Treasure is now a lot more worthless since most chests now only contain monsters, mini medals, small sums of cash or nothing at all.

The problem is that I could go on like this with the rest of the changes. Everything they did either didn’t change much at all, got countered by another change that was for the worse, or was rendered useless due to gamebreaking bugs (so much for bothering with Monster Meadows). The Class System is probably the only major positive change made to the game, and all it really does is underscore just how godawful the Class System was in this game to begin with.

And VIII is coming in January, I believe :slight_smile:

I don’t think VIII needs much modification, but anything they did to make VII easier to play is appreciated.

Only in the volcano place now (2nd island), so not much to say yet.

I feel like I owe DQVII 3DS an apology because it turns out that the ‘bug’ I was running into in regards to the Monster Meadows was me being a cheap bastard and not dropping 12 gold on a night at an Inn (I was using the MC’s bed back in Pilchard in the stretches where I needed healing before doing something, and that apparently doesn’t count for updating the farm).

Still don’t like the removed puzzle dungeon, gimped Regenstine, and even more worthless Monster Classes, but otherwise this is the definitive version.

VII’s class system was grindingly painful and it could be very frustrating to find missing shards. SG’s problem happened to me a couple times, but I eventually figured it out. The witch is sometimes useful, sometimes not. While the opening shard dungeon took a while to get the game started, I’m not sure I like what I’m hearing about the change.

VIII’s portable version was a catastrophe. The fact you could play it on an iPad was great. But they did not include the beautiful orchestrated soundtrack and even worse, the voice acting. I was so angry I got a refund.

The 3DS version of VIII should have VAing (although they didn’t get Jessica’s original VA back so expect a change there), but unfortunately the soundtrack is midi here as well as having pitiful draw distances compared to the PS2 version.

The upsides to the version are: On field encounters rather than RNG based. Instant Alchemy from the word Alchemy (instead of having to wait until the Post Game). Two extra playable characters [SPOILER]Red and Morrie (eh Ragazzo).[/SPOILER] An extra ending [SPOILER]where you waifu Jessica instead of the princess (Va Va Voom indeed).[/SPOILER] [SPOILER]Extra Costumes.[/SPOILER] And a photographing sidequest to make the game feel like an even bigger Level 5 joint.

That said, YMMV on whether those changes are worth the price of readmission.