Dragon Quest VIII

I think its done.

Any thoughts or suggestions

Well, I had a quick look around, and I’m pretty sure the skills list was lacking several skills. The skill points list had pretty much everything (Why have skills and skill points list?), but no MP costs. Angelo’s skill point list was missing some text at some points, like the spell Fizzle.

But… it looked like what I’d have to refer every now and then in a new playthrough…

I had been afraid that my Persona shrine had too many pages, but that bestiary of yours puts me to shame!

Sure you got all the equipment listed? I’m almost certain there’s one or two things missing…can’t think of what though.

Here’s a small list of suggestions that might help the shrine out.

You should make a note about obtaining Gigagash in the Hero’s Skill Points.

You’ve also misspelled Attack multiple times in the skill (not skill points) section (in fact you may want to proofread the entire skill section for things like missing caps and other misspelled words).

You’re missing the Dragovian Armor, Helmet, and Shield from their respective lists.

It might also help to note the two upgrades the Alchemy Pot undergoes along with the when, how, and what do they do of each.

Also where’s the listing of the different monster groups (i.e. the names of the different monster teams as well as their effects and members for instance the Golems when put into the same team will result in the team changing names to something which I can’t remember at the moment and will execute a combination move that will combine them into a ginormous golem).

Also also you lack Hero’s Dragon Soul spell which is gotten at level 65.

Also also also it might help to list naturally learned spells in either the character section or something to make it easier to look up.