Dragon Quest VII getting a 3DS remake

Figured it was worth sharing since I always felt that this game was the one game in the series that desperately needed a remake.

Here’s hoping it gets released here in a non-gimped form that does something stupid like leave out Party Chat.

I actually liked DQ7 just the way it was in all it’s 2D glory. Of course, if you never got to play it, an updated version is very much welcome.

I liked DQ7 despite its flaws. I hope they make a few necessary changes with the port. The shards were sometimes too obscure to get and the grinding was too much, particularly around Lefa.

I’ve got a whole laundry list of changes I’d like to see in this version.

  1. Speed up the opening sequence. Shouldn’t need to take me an hour just to get to the first random encounter.
  2. Nerf some of the difficulty spikes. Guys like Deathpal and Gracos can suck all the cocks.
  3. Open up Alltrades Abbey before you hit the 1/3 mark.
  4. Make Monster Hearts less ridiculous to obtain. I don’t want to have to grind on Bolt Rats and Berserkers for their hearts, especially if I’m no longer gaining class levels from the fights.
  5. The Monster Park. I don’t know. I just know that it needs something done to it.
  6. Reduce the grind for class levels. Not particularly necessary but at least shorten the penalty time for retaking up a class.
  7. Make Maribel less useless. At least give her something to make up for missing a full quarter of the game, including and especially Lefa.
  8. Baring point 7, at least do something for the poor schmuck who’s stuck on the bench. Especially if you’re only giving me the choice to switch out Gabo for Maribel.
  9. Baring point 8, at the very least give something to Mr. Legendary Hero Melvin and Aria beyond a few levels of Soldier and Mastered Dancer so they don’t suck compared to MC and Gabo.
  10. Make the Immigrant Town easier to develop, or at least make it more obvious for when it’s time to move on with the plot outside of never having anybody show up.
  11. And improve the localization. But that one’s practically a given due to the depreciated use of the old spell, ability, and naming conventions that DW7 used.