Dragon Quest VI

How many of you played it? I’m in the middle of the game(I guess) and I’m nearing Glacos. Do you think I’m overpowered now?
Hero has Mastered, Beastmaster, Soldier and Wizard now a near mastered Magic Knight(Fighter-Mage)
Muriel mastered Superstar and now is a Priest and will be a Sage.
Hassan is about to master Battlemaster
Amos is a Paladin, and Chamoro and Barbara have already mastered Sage and I now have Chamoro aiming to be a Paladin and Barbara aiming to be a Magic Knight.(Fighter-Mage) and my Rotting Corpse(LOL) just mastered Magic Knight and is now a priest(I’m gonna make him a sage. He does have HIGH MP. Just not as high as Barbara’s. But his highest MP right now is 239!!!)
So…I’m getting overpowered or should I stop wasting time and get further into the game?

maybe just a little. just keep on going till the next boss and see if you die fast or not. if you do train some more if not keep on going.

I haven’t played this in years now and I never finished it. You have to level up alot in this game. Like the above poster…see how you fare with the next boss or enemies. That should give you an indication if you need to level up more.