Dragon Quest IX

I walked around in the slime gear for some time. It was pretty funny watching a Slimestack take out stuff and running around. Now I wanna make a Slime that can pierce the heavens!

Lately, I’ve just been beating on Legacy bosses and trying to get high-leveled Treasure Map grottoes. Something I just found out recently is that many of the Grotto bosses drop pieces of the best armor in the game (or rather, the “first” form of it; you have to use Alchemy to upgrade them further). Unfortunately, said drop rate on those pieces fall at about 2% according to what’s listed on my maps… -_- Haven’t really found any awesome weapons. Found a cool Metal Slime Helm the other night.

Speaking of those maps, the enemies start to get very NASTY on some of the higher ranked maps. Also, Darkonium Slimes can go fuck themselves. (Because I wish I was immune to all spells, be able to multiheal and shoot a fucking laser from my being.) Basically, it’s to the point where the enemies are almost as hard as the bosses themselves. Just that the enemies hit a LOT harder, and bosses simply have a lot more HP. But the Legacy bosses still beat down almost everything else hands down.

I’m back to doofing around again due to changing most of my party’s classes. Now my party loadout includes a slimy minstrel (because I’m stuck with Egg On this one), a warrior/thief (and quickly becoming my tank), a former priest turned mage (for maximum magic later on), and a thieving martial artist (a fast heavy hitter is what I’m planning on with this character). Though most of my doofing thus far involves clearing quests and such. Main character is level 50 and everyone else is 25.

Starcraft is claiming most of my gaming time (which isn’t that much to begin with) so DQ is on hold until I travel again.

The BEST part about this game is the gangster priest in Batsureg. Period.

Also, if you’re not the kind of guy who likes fucking around, use this: 100 Tension on a gladiator, double up, double-edged slash. I’ve one-shotted bosses with it. But… be warned: at 100 Tension while doubled up, d.e.s. WILL kill your gladiator.

Also, a little bit of redundancy here: Why even put Chimera Wings in this game when one of the FIRST things your only unremovable party member learns is a zero MP teleport spell called Zoom? Kind of stupid.

Batsureg has the surfer priest. Dourbridge has the ganster rogue turned priest. Also try saying Zere Rocks out loud. Also also to quote Vanish in town “[Insert name here] has a crack at covering the party’s tracks. But this doesn’t seem to be the kind of place where this brand of brushcraft can be brought to bear.”. This game is loaded with puns.

Fortunately suiciding your gladiator to one shot a boss isn’t that big of a deal considering that s/he’ll still get full EXP for living through every round of combat.

Chimera Wings are still slightly useful in the event that your main character dies and you have no means of revival on hand at the moment (since dead casters sling no spells). That said, once you get a certain item shortly into the post game Chimera Wings become entirely useless.

Anyways for an update of where I’m currently at I’m currently farming grottoes for loot and experience while grinding out levels for my characters. My main character has revocated once and is now going up the Thief class for its revocation bonus (an accessory that improves your chances to steal) while my other party members are going through classes collecting stat bonuses from the assorted class skills to boost their base stats. I’ve found a map with Metal King Slimes to facilitate this process in a highly efficient manner (have a ball and flailing nails are awesome for this as are poison needles and assassin daggers). I’ve defeated up to Atlas of the Grotto bosses and my highest ranked map is a Gold Ruins of Hurt at level 74. Unfortunately, I still haven’t gotten any new pieces of top gear since my last update but I did find a rank 10 chest in the aforementioned map (but got curb-stomped by the resulting Pandora’s Box).

Batsureg has the priest that says things like “homie,” “word,” etc. The gangster priest. Dourbridge has the pirate/thief priest who talks like an old drunk brit. I’m definitely talking about the Batsureg priest.

Also, I realized you don’t need double-edged slash to get damage that high. You can also use a later move, I forget what it’s called but it’s an unfocused, wild slash, to get 2000+ damage as well. I don’t know if 2000 is even very high in the endgame, but I only have 6 figs and I can do it at will, so I consider it pretty high.

Also, Wolf Whistle is very, very good when you want a tough attack that doesn’t take 6 rounds to use.

I also JUST discovered a way to totally break the game: ability points you acquire in one class can be used in other classes. This makes it ridiculously easy to master skill sets you want to master if you don’t mind losing a few easy points in classes you don’t want to master. I’m talking about, you could master two skill sets before leaving Newid Island. It’s stupid broken.