Dragon quest 8/what game do you own at the moment?

Question about yangus on dragon quest 8 Axes or scythes? Axes skills seem to be more about pure damage versus 1 enemy {With 1 attack all skill} scythes seem more of a small bit of damage to all with a chance of instakill {With one big powerful hit alll at the end that costs him a crapload of MP} Also, is it me or do random battles go 10x faster with hero using boomerangs?

The other question i was wondering are what games you own/are currently playing {For you huge collection types :cool: }

Right now i have:
Prince of persia:warrior within
Prince of persia: the two thrones
Makia kingdom:the sacred tome
Dragon quest 8
Final fantasy 12
Ratchet and clank 2
Ratchet and clank 3
Outlaw golf 2 {loading times REEK on PS2 version :fungah: }
Phantom brave

It may seem like a lot{??}, but i buy them all used.

Someone send him Mr. Saturn’s collection. I personally own somewhere in the range of about 25 PSX/PS2 games as well as about 15 NES/SNES ones which I sold or lost.

Yeah no kidding. Mr. Saturn’s got what, like 3000 games from every system ever made? It’ll make you wet yourself.

The most powerful weapon for Yangus is a scythe.

However, axe skills are more useful - one can lower an enemy’s defense, and another, if it hits, is an automatic critical (necessary for killing Metal-types, really).

While this would seem to be a better idea than to make two threads a minute apart, I just have the feeling this one is going to get confusing fast.

Wow, nine games is a huge collection for you? The responses in this thread are gonna be hilarious. >.>

As for your DQ8 question, Axes, no contest. I find the abilities far more useful than Scythe abilities (Big Banga and Grim Reaper are overrated, and Steal Sickle almost never works), and Metal King Slimes will fall beneath your feet when you learn Executioner. It makes leveling up that much faster.

Also, no, battles don’t go faster using Boomerangs. Have Hero use Zap, Angelo use Kaswoosh, and Jessica use Kaboom. All enemies dead. Boomerangs become less useful later on in the game. I recommend Swords, but whatever you’re going, I hope you’re maxing out Courage.

haha i know.

9 games is about the most i’ve ever owned at once. I’m broke most the time anyway, so I usually i get 2 or 3 games and trade them in for credit once i’ve beaten them. The only other syetems i have is a GBA and a SNES and have a decent amount of games for those, I was talking more or less for Newer systems like ps2/xbox360 ect ect

Also, thats why i added “what games are you currently playing” that was ment for huge collection types, instead of listing off a thousand games.

As the DQ8 goes, i’m maxing a weapon and there personal skill {Courage, humanity ect ect} I have it as Hero/boomerangs Yangus/axes Angelo/swords jessica/staves

Thats exactly what was going through my head at the time. “I wonder if the mods well get pissed at me if i make two threads back to back…” So i just slamed it all in there. :ulty:

Going with axes for Yangus is indeed a better choice. I wasn’t impressed at all by scythes and their multiple targets abilities. Also, I thought adding a few points into boomerangs for the Hero was useful at the beginning, but later on, it’s better to use something more powerful like swords or spears. I never maxed out boomerangs, though, so I may be wrong.

Yea, no kidding. I made a thread like this once and he put the pic up. I was really amazed on how much he had.

Iv’e got Hero using th Liquid Metal Sword. So Shiny! And I had Yangus with a scythe until I found a Barbarian’s Axe or something like that that makes him the strongest in the party (with exception of Hero’s Falcon Slash). If you recommend it, I’ll keep Yangus on axes then.

That’s why I get others to buy them for me. Christmas and Birthdays are good for that.
I’ve got about 48 games. But that’s just me. The household has at least 40 more. But those 48 are mine.

I advise strongly against that. You don’t have to go into a personal skill. :stuck_out_tongue: The only good uses of Humanity and Sex Appeal requires at most 20 points and Charisma is completely useless. Again, if you go Boomerangs alone with Hero, you’re going to have a real hard time with bosses and you won’t even be able to attack with the kind of power Hero has with swords or even spears. I also wonder what the Dragovian Trials would be like with Bomerangs. >.>

If you have DragonSoul then it wont matter what weapon Hero has. If you don’t however you’re gonna need a sword or even gasp a spear. Because you will find it quite impossible to effectively harm the DarkSteel Dragon without moves like Thunder/Lightning Thrust and/or Hatchet Man/Executioner as the DarkSteel Dragon is considered a metal type enemy(i.e. absurd defence). The only other things that can even harm a metal enemy are metal weapons or metal cut and don’t go expecting to do more damage against this boss than you would with a metal slime. And while the DarkSteel Dragon sounds unbeatable he’s not. (he’s also not the hardest enemy in the game only the second.)

As for games, I myself have:
About 33 NES games,
30 SuperNES games,
11 N64 games,
16 GCN games,
19 GameBoy games,
5 GBC games,
16 GBA games,
5 DS games,
27 PSX games,
11 PS2 games,
1 Sega Genesis game,
and 2 SegaCD games.

=176 games o_O

I would like to point out that these are the games I own and I have two brothers who have their own collection of games as well (and we almost never get the same game twice, and as far as I know we’ve only made that slip-up twice.)

Is it normal for Metal Slash to do only 2 damage to a metal slime?

Well, thats why i have angelo on swords, he gets metal slash. I’m Going to get DS and even do the whole monster team thing, so i’m hoping that evens hero out while he’s using boomers. His last skill looks pretty powerful and can be tensioned, dosnt use a lot of MP either {the damage is Not very far from from gigaslash, and if you add up that its a hit all spell, on paper its more. not sure if it would work that way through} I’m might have to learn a painful game restarting lesson here, But I have it set deep in my mind, that if i give him a bunch of attack up stuff and power seeds it well pay off in the end and he well be able to take a decent chunk out of the whole board while everyone else finishes them off… again this is just guess work.

I’ll pop back in here and tell you how it fairs. :cool:

Yes - but the whole idea of the skill is that it is accurate, unlike anything else you throw at those little buggers.

Also most attacks can barely inflict even 1 Hp worth of damage to a metal slime. Metal weapons are more reliable as long as they hit. Metal Cut can do up to 2 Hp worth of damage and it’s even more accurate than a metal weapon. The only thing that is more effective on a metal creature is an attack that bypasses the metal enemy’s defence altogether. Critical hits do this as well as the Dragon Soul spell (note; that this is the only spell that is effective on metal enemies.). Accelerate is usefull in trying to hit metal slimes, but for the most part spells are completely useless on metal enemies.

Originally Posted by PoomasterX
I’m Going to get DS and even do the whole monster team thing,

If that’s your strategy then why in hell are you asking us for? You already have a plan so go and use it.:hint:

After all of this I’m left wondering if there really is anyone willing to play a pure Fisticuffs game.:thinking:

I had about 40 to 50 games, though I can’t find some of them, I’m not sure if I lent them away or if I left them in my old house when I moved. :too bad: I used to buy them on a monthly basis, but that was back when I had stable work.

I haven’t bought any games recently; I think the last one I bought was Wild Arms IV a few months ago. There’s a lot of RPGs both old and new I so want to get. I never tried the .Hack series, for example, or Xenosaga II and III, or Star Ocean III. And I can NEVER find a cheap copy of Disgaea! :ark: Right now I’m replaying old games while I get the money to buy new ones.

hehe, not quite, I had originally asked what best to use for yangus. everything else… well… just sorta happened. :ah-ha!:

I had thought about using fisticuffs accually, but i can’t really see anyway that would be a improvment to any char when there weapons skills are so much better. You would almost have to max their personal skill with it {Even not so useful skills can probably be abused somehow} I really don’t think pure fisticuffs could do it alone.

I sold my NES, SNES, and Dreamcast collections a long time ago, but I have around 25-30 PS1 games, 20-25 PS2 games, 4 XBox games, 6 Gamecube games, 10 DS games, and at least forty or fifty Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games. I know I don’t own many XB or GC games, but that’s because I got both systems and four games as a package deal two summers ago for a total of $150. I think I did alright.

EDIT: And I’m currently playing Tales of Legendia, Final Fantasy XII, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening SE (Dante Must Die mode).