Dragon Quest 6 - new Small Medal location

Attached is a picture of the location of a new Small Metal in Dragon Warrior 6 for the SNES. It was found playing a rom (sorry, I don’t know a version number) on an emulator. This medal should be inserted around metal #9 in the list on page:

Consider these entries for the table:

= 10

Area = Monstoru
Location = On the sand south of the Church.

There are a few locations in the walkthrough that should be edited (you could search for the text in quotes):

  1. http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/dq6/walkthrough/deathtamoor.shtml
    replace “99th” with “100th”

  2. http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/dq6/walkthrough/bonus.shtml
    2.1) consider replacing:
    “Things probably didn’t seem to be adding up- you only have 99 Small Medals, and Terry found something strange in the ending. What does this mean?”
    “Terry found something strange in the ending. What does this mean?”
    2.2) replace “the 100th Small Medal” with “a Small Medal”

  3. http://shrines.rpgclassics.com/snes/dq6/walkthrough/monstaru.shtml
    consider replacing: “and a Tiny Medal” with “and Small Medal x2”

I hope this new Small Medal location gets inserted into the DQ6 Shrine without hassle :slight_smile:

What is it with Dragon Quest and its obsession with medals? (then again, this is the game series that features Playboy Bunny outfits and casinos, so… :stuck_out_tongue: )

And puff-puffs.

And manure and boxers.

Somewhere in the world there lives a King/Princess/Pirate that will cash in your collected mini-medals for prizes that start silly (like bunneh suits) to the ridiculous (a piece of Metal King gear, the top Whip, and so on).

Oh I know that. But you have to admit it’s a little odd. What kind of medals are these? Why do they want them? Why are they scattered around the world? (Yeah I know it’s “Rule of Funny” stuff from the old RPG game days. And I don’t mind it, just sayin’.)

Though nothing beats the “Puff-Puff” scene. GOD I laughed at that one!! :hahaha;

I don’t think it’s a running gag, but I remember in DQVII you caught an old man early in the game reading a magazine and commenting on its “fun bags”. I was laughing for a while as I never heard them referred to as such.