Dragon Age: Origins

is the next Bioware game, what looks to be an RPG (turn-based?) in a dark fantasy setting.

It looks pretty damn cool, but if Marilyn Manson’s music is in the game (like it is in the trailers) I will almost definitely not buy it.

Marilyn Manson’s OLD music, or Marilyn Manson’s NEW music?

Define old and new. It’s been “This Is The New Shit” in every trailer that isn’t just epic fantasy music.

I’d call that new-ish. Yeah, I don’t blame you, then. That’d be a deal breaker for me.

I’d rather hear This is the new shit than anything off of Eat Me Drink Me.

And the stuff on commercials isnt always in the game for reals, so it probably won’t even be in the game.

Hey, the voice of reason. That said, I definitely wanted to bang my head against the wall with Fable 2’s in-game concert. And that’s not what headbanging means, you know.