Dragon Age Origins: The ANIME??

You thought Thundercats was weird? At least that had a huge Japanese production staff to begin with. Explain THIS crap to me now:

Ehh… I… what? Seriously? Who the hell thought this up? I have no bloody idea of what the hell to think of this. I seriously would have laughed at anybody who told me this was feasible before I saw it.

Where does a thread like this go anyhow? It’s a videogame anime made primarily by western production teams.

Oh God they’re going to ruin Mass Effect too

This might not fail. The Dead Space movie was actually pretty well done.

What Sin said.

Also I’m not in the least surprised given how it already has a precursor game on the (I wanna say iPhone). Besides, if both Red Dead Redemption and Alan Wake can both get short live action precursors for them then why can’t Dragon’s Age get an anime?

Hollywood (by which I mean pretty much every entertainment company, American or not) is STARVED for ideas these days. Specially because they have a “franchise” mentality- they buy the rights to anything remotely recognizable and then look for as many mediums to exploit it in. DC Comics is a great example; after decades of not even remembering they owned a comics company (to the point it was considered a “loss leader” according to some) Warner Brothers is finally looking into DC and reestructuring it so they can mine material for movies and cartoons. Companies also will try different media versions at the same time and see what sticks; note how The Dark Knight led to the Brave and the Bold animated series (even though the tone of the cartoon is MUCH lighter… well most of the time.) Throw in a bandwagon mentality (“3D is what made Avatar great, therefore EVERY big movie now has to be remade in 3D!”) and you shouldn’t be surprised at the versions they come up with (Marmaduke as a live action movie with TALKING DOGS? WTF??)

Btw, notice how this Dragon Age movie is a direct-to-dvd project. Actually that seems to be a thriving medium these days as several animated movies (Justice League, Avengers, Barbie, Tinkerbell etc.) get released that way. So it isn’t the same risk as releasing it on theaters; only big budget computer graphic animated movies like Pixar’s do that anymore.And they’re 3D now too.

Congratulations on beating Wilfredo to making this awesome thread.

I will maybe watch this if it strictly emphasizes the lesbian relationship aspect of the game.

I will admit, I would watch this entirely for that (regardless on how awkward they try to make the sex sce-wait, what am I saying, they’re making this into an anime, there won’t even be the slightest hint at sexual tension, fuck).

Either way though, it just wouldn’t be DA without the buckets of blood flying everywhere (and I’m talking mid 90’s anime levels of blood and gore here, though that probably wont happen either, fuck again).

There will be suck.