Dr. Who vs. Battlestar Galactica

Let’s have at it, then.

<small>I’ll be back to make an actual opening post sometime later.</small>

Dr. Who for the win without any question. Such a well done show, the directors and writers are simply amazing, along with the actors. Definitely more will done than movies . . . the writers really seem to love what they do and make us feel like the show is so natural. Absolutely love the premis, the plot, and everything about it :smiley:

Doctor Who!

I haven’t seen Battlestar Galactica oh god stop looking at me I’m not a freak dear god STOP LOOKING AT ME!

BSG. Hands down.

I’m gonna compare some important points about these series from the beginning rather than write a massive rant.

Old BSG versus Old DW;

Advantage in…

Length: DW (no question)
Technical Quality: BSG (though DW kinda caught up by the mid 80’s)
Corners Cut In Production: BSG (stock footage of Cylon ships veering to the left or right before getting blown up is much less boring than running through rock quarries, warehouses, whatever)
Best Cast: BSG (DW’s cast was far too prone to wanderlust/getting blowed up plus BSG had more regulars to begin with)
Robo Animal Sidekick: K-9 (can’t beat a toaster firin’ it’s lazors from it’s nose)
Coolest Villain: Cylons (they can climb stairs)
Worst Blunder: Galatica 1980 (not even losing the masters of many DW episodes can compare nevermind the various inconsistencies)

Winna: DW (didn’t end with Galatica 1980)

New BSG versus New DW;

Advantage in…

Length: BSG (currently at four and a-half seasons)
Best Use Of CG: BSG (nothing DW has done can top Galatica’s decent into New Caprica at the start of season 3)
Writing Quality: BSG (DW has it’s moments but they’re too few and far inbetween compared to BSGs overall writing)
Messiah Moments: BSG (The Doctor can’t singlehandedly keep up with the half-dozen or so messiahs of BSG)
Best Cast: BSG (Damn you Donna Noble)
Coolest Villains: Daleks (Wiped out the Time Lords, came back from extinction, and can even fly this time too)
Brightest Future: DW (BSG only has half-a-season to live)

Winna: DW (DW is getting ready to kick it into high gear and BSG is out of steam)

My point is that it’s not easy to compare these two series simply because they are so different. In fact the only thing these shows share in common is the fact that they’re Scifi and that space travel is involved (and that they’re both populated by a species of ass-kicking genocidal cybernetic organisms that think that all other life is inferior to theirs).

I disagree the new BSG is out of steam. They have massive revelations left for the final half season and they’re going to generate a tremendous amount of drama as the loose ends will have to be tied up and people will have to confront the inevitable reality of coexistence

As amazing as the TARDIS is, I don’t think it can battle a huge colony ship. Unless the Doctor… oh, you mean, AS A SERIES? :stuck_out_tongue: Who. Hands down. BSG is too dark. Not that the Who series has been a ray of sunshine all the time, but at least in that series Earth wasn’t nuked out of existence. Plus: clone cylons? Err, no thanks.

Tough call as they both go for different audiences. BSG is a much more hardcore post-watershed drama whilst DW is after the family vote. BSG has a long, intricate story arc whilst DW is the archetype of the ‘planet of the week’ type of show.

BSG has the better overall acting and writing, but the brightest moments of the new DW far outshine the equivalent moments of BSG. Comparing characters isn’t exactly fair, as BSG has, like, 30, and DW has 2 at a time- but Tennant’s Doctor is second only to Bill Adama in terms of absolute awesomeness. It’s the age-old question of ‘how do you portray a 900-year old time traveller’? And the simple answer is: Ask David Tennant. :slight_smile:

If I had to pick I would pick DW. But only if I got Torchwood thrown in as well. :smiley:

Components of BSG:

  1. Diseased camera shots (why is the camera quaking when following a fighter in space? It’s flying in a straight line and there’s no atmosphere).

That’s about 90% of the series right there.

BSG. Dr Who is nice, but I like BSG more for its overall plot, something that Dr Who tends to lack, at least until the end of each season.

I haven’t given Dr. Who much of a chance. To beat Battlestar Galactica, however, it would have to be able to beat the best show on television. Is Dr. Who capable of doing that?

Do Cybermen come from Mondas? Hint: yes.

But alas, not in the new series they don’t.

Yes, alas. That was still a cool little arc though.