DQV DS in Japan in July

No word for DQIV DS US. Fuck you Square! Fuck you right up the ass.

They damn well better release DQIV DS over here. I’m STILL sore over missing out on the PSX port of the game.

sighs I just want a remake of something other than a Final Fantasy game from SE to be released here…

Even if they can’t release the remakes out here. For The Love Of All Creation!!! At least let them on the freaking VC.

I think there is a English traslation patch for DQV (snes).

There is, and one for VI (though I can’t remember if that one was ever complete). I remember playing through them both a few years ago, and I’d look forward to DS remakes if we’d only get confirmation on them coming over.

DQVI still has one of my favorite moments in any game when you beat the optional bonus dungeon boss. Instead of just granting you a super weapon that you no longer need, or a bunch of money, or a few pointless words, when you beat the bonus boss of DQVI he takes you to the actual final boss’s room, and then proceeds to BEAT HIM FOR YOU. This is something that needs to happen again in some game, I don’t care which.


Pardon me.

…the Mother series is Nintendo, yo. Not S-E.

It might not be from SE, and I’ve never played any of those, but sure, why not? :slight_smile:

Ha, great idea!

Re: Mother 3 -Once sprite text is done, not too much other stuff left to hack.



It’s E10+, my folks are never letting me play it. Wait a sec, I mean, rejoice! flourish Maybe I can finally play through a DQ if it’s handheld.

Uh oh, FFTA2

I’m getting over food poisoning, and maybe a shred of hope can help? :slight_smile:

God I hope this makes it here. If not, I’ll actually be in Japan starting late July (long story, I’ll get around to making a thread someday) so maybe it’ll motivate me to improve my Japanese.

DQ5 was probably my second-favorite in the series, after 3. Unlike #3, which I loved for its gameplay, I really felt attached to the characters in #5. I never could bring myself to marry that one girl that you’re not “supposed” to marry. It’s funny, because I think nothing of turning to the Dark Side in KOTOR, yet that one decision in DQ5 always seemed like such a deep personal thing to me. I couldn’t bring myself to make a choice other than what I would personally choose if I were in the main character’s shoes.

DQ4 is my favourite… probably because it was stolen from me when I was pretty young. Grrrr… =(

You too? I’m always glad to know I’m not the only one. Besides, blue-haired children just look weird.


Maybe this will raise your spirits.

Wow… I haven’t seen that in forever!

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Dude somehow messed the linkage up. There’s the real story. And it IS encouraging.

Now THAT is droolicious!