DQ8 sells one hundred billion!

Okay, maybe not quite. But RPGamer reports DQ8 sold 430,000 copies in North America. Somebody here wanted to know, I think.
Not sure how that compares to other RPGs, though. Any ideas?

3 million in Japan.

Yikes! And I added to that number… I feel like a tool. I wouldn’t have got it until much later if it didn’t have that scrumptous FFXII demo. Delicious.

The FFXII demo was crap compared to DQ8. I didn’t even <I>touch</I> the demo until I’d already finished DQ8’s hidden dungeon.

430,000 copies of an RPG within 6-months of its release isn’t bad, but it’s not great either. I hope it’s enough for SE to continue the series in North America…

How terribly unprofitable would it have to be for 400,000 copies to not cover the localization costs?

I still haven’t played the FF12 demo. Oh well. :slight_smile:

I have played it and I wish I hadn’t. If the whole game is like that it may well be the most boring FF yet.

Yeah, you’re really not missing anything. That battle system might work in an MMORPG but not in a standard RPG. I rented DQ8 partially for the demo and was disappointed to the extreme.

100,000,000,000. are there even that many HUMANS ON EARTH?!

If everyone bought seventeen copies it would sell that much :slight_smile:

I’m not too much of a fan for the Dragon-Quest/Warriors series personaly. But if it sells that much, I suppose it does worth a try. I sincerly hope the graphics are MUCH better then its predecessor though. Dragon-Quest 7 graphics nearly made me puke when I saw them for the first time.

I think everyone here knows this about me already, but I don’t give a damn about graphics, as long as the gameplay is worthwhile. On that front, I’d take DQ7 over FF7 any day.

That being said, having played DQ8, it’s hard to go back to DQ7. Seeing the tremendous jump up in the visual presentation of the series makes DQ7 look incredibly dated. Of course, I can still go back and play the first 6 DQ games, but those are 2-D, so it’s different. :stuck_out_tongue:

And, no, there aren’t 100 billion people on earth. There’s barely more than 6 billion.

Substance over style, and the DQ series has that in fucking spades…to the seventeenth power.

I’ve always favored the DQ games over most other RPGs, due to the monstrous difficulty if you’re playing stupidly, the job systems have always been fun shit, I loved making the old bastard a superstar in 7, and everyone else usually hit sage and main guy also hit hero. I WAS A WRECKING MACHINE.

Heh, I haven’t played anything besides 1, 2, 3, and 4. I randomly found the NES ROM for 1, then later bought the 1 and 2 for gameboy thing. I loved the games, I guess I haven’t bothered checking the rest out.

I know I did :pikapikapikapika:

This would be the first Dairy queen um Dragon Quet game ive ever gotten, and i did, and thus far its [STRIKE]kinda[/STRIKE]VERY good.

FFXII… such a let down. I retract my previous statement about the demo being scrumptous. But DQ is good. Very good.

The FF12 battle system really appeals to me, even if the ever-more androgynous main character and things like the Viera do not. Then again, I was an XI player, so…

Bought DQ 8 a couple months ago but been so busy with work I’ve only managed to progress past the first mission. I’ve been a huge DQ fan since the days of NES and this latest sequel hasnt disappointed me so far, love the voice acting. Don’t really care much about the FF demo, after 7 I lost interest in the series :boring: