DQ6 Shrine

The menus don’t seem to appear in the dq6 shrine so browsing through it kinda gets difficult…

why don’t you guys do something about it?

this stuff never would’ve happenned under ShaheenJim’s reign :stuck_out_tongue:

Sweet baby Jesus, Kentar! Its been a while.

yeah… 'sup?

so… when are you guys gonna do something about it?

oh, I take that back…

While we’re here The Lufia 1, Seiken Densetsu, and Ys III shrines are also missing their menus. And while the 7th Saga shrine has it’s menus up it seems to lacking the title screen’s title. (unless it never had one in which case, nevermind)

Also, welcome back kentar! Whoever you are?

Edit: Avalon for PC/Windows is the only other shrine missing it’s menus aside from the one mentioned above.

It’s issues left from the move. We had to switch from SSI to PHP. If you find more, let us know.

Edit: Fixed, by the way.

For a split second I thought it said DOS 6 Shrine… -_-’

Hey Kentar. I remember you from the chat… sort of. You were like the sole mod for months :stuck_out_tongue:

holy shit, its kentar :open_mouth: