DQ5 Pics

Please bring this one stateside -_-


I think I remember hearing that this would be released here back when the news of the remake was first released.

Those screenshots look great, and I’d love to play this game on a different platform. DQ 6 would be nice too… and so would 4 (but that’s a dead and decayed horse)… but I don’t want to go off topic.

Anyway, this really does look super. It seems like this game will allow some screen rotation(?), and I’m a fan of that when it’s done well.

5&6 are both going to be released here barring another Heartbeat incident. Enix announced a few years ago in their newsletter they were going to bring 4, 5, and 6 over to the states in remakes. We all know what happened with 4, and I doubt Enix has changed their policy. Remember, they were going to bring 4 here, so I doubt they’d suddenly change their minds.

Any word on that GBA game featuring the ever-adorable slime?