That is, Doom, the Roguelike.

Yes, DOOM, one of the best known original 1st person shooters. Yes, as a Roguelike, like ADOM or Nethack.

That said, it works surprisingly well: it’s a shorter roguelike (which I much appreciate given the finality of death in these types of games), easily completable over the course of a couple of hours, even if you are being cautious (unless you take the Angel of 100 challenge, of course). It is extremely light on exploration and experimentation (all items are pretty much identified and you really can only explore the current floor) but favors more tactical thinking (limited resources: unlike most other roguelikes, you cannot regenerate damage and with highly limited inventory space (20 slots) managing one’s inventory is extremely important, ESPECIALLY since you cannot go back to previous levels and as such cannot keep a stash) and risk management.

The interface is pretty simple as well, with far less commands than other roguelikes.

Like I said, despite it’s simplicity (in almost all areas: inventory, maps, combat, etc), it leaves a lot of room for tactical thinking and decision on how you will enter or resolve situations: Hell Arena is coming up, do you have the resources to handle it? Should you pass up a hard encounter despite needing the experience. Can you split up the encounter or just fire blindly into the darkness and hope you get them before they come to you? Can you REALLY take on four arch-viles (hint: no)?

StarStorm, Mancubus Warrant Officer, [3/3/2/0/0]

Sounds pretty interesting.
The only roguelikes I’ve played are NetHack and Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup (/tg/ approved) so I can’t say I have much of a point of reference for roguelikes, but a good game is a good game so I’m gonna try it. :wink:

The thing that really sold me on it though, is that it uses the Doom audio set. Which is something you don’t see in a lot of ASCII roguelikes.

Was hoping for DOOM: Real Life

This is the first time I’ve actually heard about “roguelikes” …it sounds fairly interesting as I do enjoy the “turn based” genre over “first-person shooters” (mainly because I suck at shooters! ^^)

This also reminded me of Ultimate Doom… which I still have btw :stuck_out_tongue: (2 floppy disks!!! xD)

Well, I tired DoomRL and I just have one (major) problem with it.
It keeps fucking up the “graphics”.
If it was just the usual roguelike-problem, i.e. that I couldn’t tell what things are, that would have been better. Then I’d just have to learn to identify them. But the thing is, well two things really.
First of all, it re-draws the floor when I take a step, often shifting the dots one step left/right so it’s very hard to tell where exactly you are, as the floor “moves with you”.
This wouldn’t be a real problem if not for the second thing, which is a truly unforgivable bug.

It keeps drawing the floor on top of creatures.
Not only can’t I see myself and have to guess where I am based on my line of sight (leading to a lot of bumping into walls when I try to go through doors) but the monsters also become invisible.
After I spend two or three turns bumping around the door to finally get it open, and oh yeah, it sometimes doesn’t draw the walls at all, leading to more bumps. Anyway, after finally opening the door, I stop and look.
Empty room, ok, great. Take a step forwar-BLAM. Shitloads of damage.
Check around. Still an empty room. Press “fire” to use the auto-targeting to look for enemies, and the game targets an empty spot next to me. Apparently there’s a guy with a shotgun there that I can’t see.

So yeah, seemed like a really nice roguelike, but that bug just ruins everything for me.

That’s wierd. I’ve never had that bug before.

Does idkfa work? This cheat code refuses to be erased from my memory.

/was expecting real life as well.

Speaking of Doom variants, there was a 2d action/platformer that was fun if nothing extraordinary.