DOOM: The Movie?

Lately I’ve been hearing rather interesting reports of a movie based off of the timely classic and my personal favorite FPS DOOM. It stars The Rock and Karl Urban from The Chronicles of Riddick and is probably going to follow the story line of the first DOOM. I love the game to death, and DOOM 3 owns, but this movie attempt has me somewhat unsettled. Could this possibly be a decent flick, or would this tarnish the reputation of the great gorefest forever?

It’ll probably be like Event Horizon

But Event Horizon was a damn good film. Did you mean that in a good or a bad way?

Oh for fuck sake, ENOUGH with The Rock already. I’d HATE to have to judge this by the sole fact that he’s in it.

I really liked Rundown. I think a Doom movie isn’t THAT bad an idea, but after what happened with Resident Evil and multiple other video game based movies…Errgh :expressionless:

Take in mind though that the fanbase of DOOM and the actual game itself are leaps and bounds beyond half of the other games.

The Rock ain’t that bad an actor :-/ he’s certainly better than Hulk Hogan AND stars in better movies- not that that’s hard, mind you (McKinsey’s Island, anyone?). If they keep the movie dark but have Rocky slip a few one-liners here and there to lighten it up from time to time (Governator-style) then it could be a hit. And less of the “eurgh, movies made from videogames”, okay Mortal Kombat was the exception rather than the rule (and would have been beyond awesome if Brandon Lee, god rest his soul, had been in it) but they’re not all bad…

They should follow the storyline of the books.
Flynn fucking Taggart, bitches.

You’re one of the few people that has actually read those books. I bought one when I was much younger.

Has any movie based on a video game ever good? Look at stuff like Tomb Rider, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy and, god save us, Street Fighter.

Although, I must admit that Mortal Kombat was quite good. Maybe it’s just because I was really young last time I saw it, but I think that kicked ass (I fucking love that song).

The first Resident Evil was good I thought. I wasn’t expecting a great plot. I was expecting Milia Jojovich to kick some ass, some other guys to get killed, a licker to eat people, and a lot of zombies, and that’s exactly what I got.

I mean it in a good way. I hope it’ll be more horror and suspense, more than action.

*thinks about RE:Apocalypse

If I see the Rock take on a hell knight with his bare hands, I am going to on a murdering rampage.

No…that’d be the case if it was Vin Diesel like in that movie Pitch Black…which was decent to an extent.

The Rock: Just because he was in bad movies doesnt mean he himself is bad. I personally hate 90% of his movies, but that 10% is ok, and I think he’s good.

Either way, as long as it has the mind-fuck feeling of doom 3 then it’d be cool to see. Chances are, it’ll be better than Resident Evil 2.