Doom 3

I just watched the trailers for the original and expansion to it… I’m not really impressed =
Yes, I know the game isn’t the newest, but meh… I was bored and shit.

I mean, the expansion has a near-blatant ripoff of the gravity gun from HL2, and the rest of Doom 3 doesn’t look the best… I’d venture to say HL2 is much better than Doom 3, just going by trailers alone.

What are your thoughts?

Depends on what you like. I prefer Doom 3 just because it’s a lot moodier. It feels like a survival horror game, in that you’re constantly afraid something’s going to jump out at you.

HL2 is cool and all, but my friends and i were playing doom 3 in the basement, lights off, round about midnight in a thunderstorm when something jumped out at my friend and tried to eat his face. He freaked out. that was the loudest i’ve ever heard anyone scream…and i never knew you could make such a long string of obscenities either.

HL2 is better all around, but I do have to give credit to Doom3 for having the better scares. Too bad there wasnt much else going to it besides the scares.

Yeah, I got that vibe from it as well, Ion.
I’d rather wait and buy FEAR when it comes out. It’s a much better game, in my opinion.
It’s got a great physics engine, the visuals are stunning, and it’s scary as hell, and that’s just the demo :o

HL2 and Doom 3 are very different kinds of games. Although they’re both FPS, the game dynamics are very different, the mood is VERY different, the story presentation is very different. I greatly enjoyed both games.

I didn’t play Doom 3’s expansion though. I really want to.

Doom 3 isn’t too bad, surprisingly.
I played through the first few levels of it. The only thing I don’t like is how the bodies just kinda disappear, but maybe that’s just the oddly morbid side of me.
I really hate the way the new imps look :frowning: