Doom 3

I played Doom 3 on PC and it was an excellent game. I’m looking at screenies of Doom 3 's port to the xbox and I notice that it isn’t the doom 3 I know. While I’m sure for some screenshots it is because I haven’t played multiplayer, some of the screenshots I’m sure aren’t from the Doom 3 I know. Therefore, it won’t be the same Doom 3 or it will include the expansion for Doom 3 that I heard of (which I don’t know if it was released for PC). Thoughts?

Yea, its supposed to be a whole new single player. I remember reading that in EwwGM.

Don’t knock EGM, they employed poor Seanbaby. And, as I was to understand, it’d be the full original game w/ expansion and some extra “exclusive” levels.

If this is the original Doom 3, great.

If it isn’t…well, sadly, it’ll be the only version of Doom 3 I can play (my computer lacks an AGP drive).

i like doom3 too and doom 2 final the game is pretty easy just watch out for zombies and stuff