Don't you just LOVE Kanye West?

Well, even if you don’t, Chris Tucker’s expression is priceless.

Just to add flame on the fire:A loving example of American’s word choices at work.

I don’t quite know what to say, but I can’t help laughing,if only for the white guy who’se name I can’t remember’s unease.

Mike Myers.

See, this is what happens when you let uneducated people become famous and then give them a platform to be a dipshit.

Not to be rude or anything, but that seems like a pretty arrogant statement to me. Would you care to explain your reasoning?

He’s a college drop out, his debut album’s name celebrated it. That and people with a college education tend to know when to keep their trap shut more often then those who don’t.

At least kayne west has the balls to citicize the fucktastic response our government has given. He may have been nervous, and rambled alot, but at least he had the courage to do it.

EDIT: You don’t have a college education either.

Having the ‘balls’ to criticize the government doesn’t mean anything. Everyone and their sister’s nutsack criticizes the Bush administration on everything. And I’m in the process of getting a college education, so don’t spout off about my educational status when you have no idea what you’re talking about.

He was angry and had a reason for it. I think “The Bush Adminastration doesn’t care about poor people” would have been a whole lot more accurate.

That means he has a high school education right? Just because someone drops out of college doesn’t mean their uneducated. Having a high school diploma, I believe, is proof that you can at least retain enough knowledge to function in society, and certainly makes you relatively educated. I’m sure there are probably intelligent college dropouts and intelligent folks who weren’t able, or really had any interest in going to college.

Also, I’ll admit that his platform for voicing his opinion could be debated, but having a college education doesn’t exactly mean you “know when to keep your trap shut” any more than someone who didn’t, does it?

Then again, I’m more of the hapless, hopeful, optimist type. Seriously though, I don’t think a college degree is really such a incredibly bold mark on one’s range of intelligence that being a college dropout should be used to look down upon someone’s intelligence. I think were getting a bit off subject.

The statement really didn’t help anyone, we can blame people about why aid hasn’t gotten to New Orleans yet but pointing fingers or patting each other on the back isn’t going to help the people who are without homes, doctors, food, or water there.

Ori, I think you’re the last person here who should be insulting someone for being uneducated. going to college doesn’t throw you straight into the “educated” bracket just like going for voice lessons doesn’t toss you into the category of “voice actors.” I think you’ll know what i mean.
The man was obviously pissed and nervous. I’d like to see you go on live TV and not completely fuck up what you’re saying.

Thank you.

Well, I wouldn’t go THAT far, but yeah, I think his music’s all right…

I’ve seen that facial expression before.

I beleive it’s called “Tilt”

I really don’t like Kanye West. He spouts off with rhetoric like this about how the government doesn’t like black people, or poor people or whatever both in the media and his music. In fact, he does it in his music so much that it really robs it of any real value in listening to it. I already know what he’s gonna say. Not to mention he’s a horrible rapper. I doubt any of you have seen it, but he was on some MTV free style show a few weeks ago and did horribly.

I disagree that that’s a good thing. What one needs to be able to do is express oneself coherently and be able to back it up when one does.

His song “Jesus Walks,” used in the Jarhead trailer, is actually pretty cool, it’s got this cool background vocal thing going on.

anyone who’s attended a grad class could easily tell you that this certainly isn’t the case, and in fact may be the exact opposite.

Jesus Walks is fantastic, as is Diamonds (i believe thats the title).

Diamonds are Forever (from Sierra Leone)

Did he really do that badly at free styling, Sorc? Not like it really matters, he doesn’t freestyle on his songs does he?