Just another newbie. Hi, I’m Miki, 15 and female. I’m mostly here for the fanfiction and writing part of the forum. Things I love include Final Fantasy VIII, Massive Attack, LiveJournal, the capslock key, and writing fic for my various fandoms (Final Fantasy VIII, NCIS, Noir, House). It’s lovely to meet you all.


There’s been a lot of these threads lately. Hm. Anyways, welcome! :slight_smile:

I’m going to say it once again, Hey! Welcome enjoy your stay :slight_smile:





Welcome to RPGClassics!!! :kissy:

Pix pls k thx

Don’t let them scare you, Miki, “OHMYGOD A FEMALE MEMBER!” is a very old joke here. Of course, we don’t really know if you’re female. Not that it matters. Oh, and your profile says you’re 12?

Anyway, welcome to RPGC. Don’t take anything said here too seriously, check out all the forums, don’t be afraid to post and in general have fun.

oh, and join my RPGC Saga story if you like utterly shameless plug :thud:

More new members! Yeah!:biggrin:

Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Bang!’

Alright I beleve you, BUT MY TOMMY HERE DON’T! So I’ll give you to the count of three to get your sorry lyin’ keester off my doorstep.





Welcome to the Fourm ya filty animal.


And have a good time too.


(editor’s note: If you don’t get the reference then I apologize for any misunderstandings. Also welcome to the Fourm.):wave:

Welcome. I’m Arac. I’m an anarcho-syndicalist, skilled martial artist (Muay Korat and Capoeira), MGS fanboy, Seiken Densetsu fanboy, loose punk, and have a tendancy to be a colossal motherfucker. Sorry if I ever do it to you.

Is the fandom for Noir referring to the anime, genre, both, or neither?

You’re not a female just because you have boobs.

hahah!!! That’s hilarious! I only know that from Home Alone though.

tits or gtfo <!just kidding>. also drops a colony on mezzanines

She’s 12, I doubt she has any yet. If she does, well… I dunno what to say. I’m talking about a 12 year old’s breast for fuck’s sake. This is as close to molestation as I’ll ever get, I promise :stuck_out_tongue:

Gone are the days when every second post of Arac would mention The Clash!one.


If I was a girl, I’d definitely be creeped out now…

I own a pair of Clash shoes, now, so the fact that every step I take bears the lyrics of London Calling spray-painted on it somewhat makes up for it. Plus, I was just explaining some things about me as an introduction; stating I like the Clash is unnecessary, as it’s so obvious she will not miss it if she is able to read. It is slightly more obvious than my username, really.

I seriosuly do hope these crazies haven’t scared you off. They are actually harmless, well most of them are. But epect quite crazy people on here, it is sort of one of the rules for joining and staying for a long time.

Well hope you enjoy you’re time here, and see you around I guess.