Don't play with fire, kids.


Pretty funny, nothing spectacular though.

It burrrrrnssssss meeeeeeeeeeee




I kinda had a similar expierence. I was filling my zippo and I over filled it and fluid rolled all down my arm and I didn’t notice it. So I put it back together and lit it and my arm caught on fire. Scary as hell :\


I really liked the part where the burning guy set fire to the fish. O_o

<img src=“”> That was very bizzare and funny, Trilly. gives Trillian a cookie


And all was laid to burnination … and there was much rejoicing.

They should show this as an educational film in elementary school ;p

Actually, I want to be a health teacher for the sole purpose of showing “Reefer Madness” on the first day of class.

It reminds me of when I played B&W, I liked making villagers spread fire like that.

Ooops? Burning fish, that was rather entertaining.

That was pretty good.

not bad, i give it half a laugh. fire is fun, yes?

Moeru! Moeru!

Very interesting. Funny also.

lmfao. “Veronika der Lenz ist da”. Perfect choice of music also. xD Nice piece, Trilly.

The burning-fish part reminded me of one episode of Futurama. They went underwater, and Dr. Zoidberg made a “hermit crab house/shell” thing, but Bender accidentally dropped his cigar in it and it burned down. :smiley:

I remember that one! In the Lost City of Atlanta? Futurama rocks. I wish they’d put it back on TV over here. :frowning: