Don't know if this is new or not...

Sweet Jebuss, I hope not. If it is, then it’d be the worst game to come out since Devil May Cry. By far my least favorite game for PS2. And unfortunately, I was one of probably many who bought DMC thinking it would be at least half decent.

Although a game chronicling Vincent Valentine’s adventures would be cool, since Vincent is the baddest gunslinger since Vash the Stampede.

Dizzy, what have ya got against DMC? The first was alright, it was when the second one came out it went downhill, some what.

And a DMC game, even one staring Vincent, doesn’t really sound like Square-Enix’s style. It will probably have action elements in it, but I highly doubt it will have be a complete action game.


the re-relased 5 and 6… they dont need to remake it… the only one they really need to re-make, is FF3.