Don't know if this is new or not...

I just found this out so I don’t know how knew it is:

First it was a wave of people announcing FF Advent Children, now it’s a wave of people announcing Cerberus.

Yeah, I heard about that. I am not enthused. I never used Vincent. Seems kind of lame that they give us that instead of the continued adverntures of Cloud and Co. Who knows, maybe it’ll be good.

Personally, I won’t be happy until they remake FFVI.

Hey, did you guys know they are releasing a new game based on FF7 called Dirge of Cerebus ?

EDIT: or whatever.

I hope it’ll be good, from that screenshot atleast we know that the graphics are gonna be pretty good…

And we all know how important graphics are!

I think Vincent should have Kaze’s Japanise Voice speaking in english. That how I imagine him to sound.

Pity, FF7:AC should be out by now (the offical site has 2004 08 02 presuming thats 2nd aug 04).

Big Nutter
That V/o from the pirates i imagange doing the v/o for the Tv special for sprited away extra on the DVD

Nutter are you sure that release date is not the Japanese release, since that would be the first place it is released.

Also I want to know more about this new title, but I guess I’ll just have to be patient.

I can’t read what underneath it cos in japanise. so i presume it’s the jap date. I hope we get the english dates soon.

Big Nutter

Man, Vincent is probably one of the best chars…but thats my opinion…and you have your opinion…but come on…the guy sorta reminds me of the Dante Sparda of the FF series lol, gunslinger and badass wrapped all in one. To me, Vincent is great…so oh well…your entitled to your opinion

I actually felt that Dante was ripped off of Vincent’s badassness, so were every other badass character ever and ever will be if they want to be successful badasses. Vincent pwns little kittens with a glock.

I actually think the graphics look quite jagged and pixelly from that one screenshot >.> Not impressed by the non-existent detail on his buckles when we’ve seen what kind of graphical quality Square can produce.

Not that I think the graphics are the most important factor by far . . . but for this game to be anything other than a cheap cash in, it’s going to have to excel in most areas.

Vincent is very cool… he’s immortal, he’s dark and mysterious, he’s layed back and cool… and he’s a gunslinger… the gunslinger aspect alone is enough to make him a badass.

Those graphics are probably not going to be in the final version.

Whoever wrote that article thinks it’s gonna be similar to Devil May Cry…

If his intuition is correct, what a moronic thing to do to one of the best RPGs around…

Sad as though it may be, I think that all SNES and below FF’s have the least chance of being remade as opposed to re-released. Mainly because they lack the modern polygons that are so vivid in today’s gaming. Have to admit, I’d love to see FFV and FFVI remade and combined into a single awsome game.

That’s a pretty interesting idea, but it’d be a LONG game (not that it’s an entirely bad thing). =P

Big Nutter
think it’s Resident Evil 4.

Music info : Nobuo Uematsu is removed in favor of Masashi Hamauzu, who previously worked on SaGa Frontier II, FFX and Unlimited SaGa among others.


advent children hasn’t even come out yet! and now the’re making a “one year later” crap? what the hell?