Donkey Kong Live

Or, how people have time to waste.

He should have died at LEAST 4 times.

I’m surprised that they got someone of the female gender to participate.

Two things I enjoy, Donkey Kong and watching people make asses of themselves.

Also she was probably a hooker.

Despite the rough start, that was actually pretty entertaining.

Seven times. And Donkey should have taken the girl and run. It was just the first stage.

Asses of themselves, true.

Heh, that was great. :slight_smile: Should’ve done the other levels too though, if ‘Mario’ was still able to stand by the end of it, they didn’t go far enough.

Space is so huge, it seems to go on forever! But then you reach the end and a gorilla starts throwing barrels at you. - Philip J. Frye

I wanna know how they got their hands on so many barrels. It’s like … why didn’t they run out before the end?

And the “hot babe” sounded like she smokes.

You think she’s smoking hot?

Jackass meets Video games meets Extreme elimination is what this says to me

That was awesome. :smiley:

LOL not sure I’d call it awesome, more than awestruck

“When I saw ‘awful’, I mean … ‘full of awe’!”

Yeah full of awe at how dingbatty some people are, lol.

Bam Margera was involved, of course they got a woman to do something.

LOl what did I say about Jackass?! Didn’t see him or pay too much attention if I did, but I’d figured he’d be invovled.