Dolphins: Intelligence?

If they’re so smart, why do they live in igloos?

Humans rule, Dolphins SUCK IT!

It’s because they haven’t evolved opposable thumbs yet.

They live in igloos?

Yes, just like Canadians.

Dolphins are obviously more intelligent then us. They essentially swim around, eat and play all day. That is generally more fun than what I do on a regular basis.

And I live in a rather nice igloo actually. It holds up pretty well until the Canadian summer begins at the end of August. During the two week period in which the temperature is warm enough to melt ice, all the igloos are demolished and the “Canadian Wallpaper Festival” begins. You see, all the wallpaper that we paste to our igloo walls falls off when the structures melt in the summer. Instead of throwing all of the old wallpaper out, we use it for streamers, pinatas and wrapping paper and have several days of giant street parties. We then spend the remainder of the summer planning the construction of our new homes, and shopping for fancy new wallpaper patterns. Such is the way of life up north.

Dolphins can ejaculate 13 or so feet.


They won’t be so smart when we finaly get around to blowing up the ocean

Pssh. I bet I could do that if I set my mind to it.

How much do you wanna bet?

So you’re offering to be the test subject in his bet?

Gimmie a half a pack of smokes, a vintage issue of “buns”, and a ball of twine, and i’ll break out of earth’s gravitational pull

I could too, and I’d shoot it in your hair, and Kairi’s hair, since she’s a non-believer.