Does your car have a name?

So, my brother and sister refer to our family’s once stolen '94 Plymouth Acclaim affectionately as the “ghetto-mobile”. In high school, one of the upperclassmen on the cross-country team had has van dubbed “the second base-mobile” under the assumption that by the time he graduated he’d get to second base with a girl (in the van). I’ve taken to calling my car “Gloria”, since the first three letters of the liscence plate are “GLJ”.

My mom’s car is called George.

My family used to own this really old Station Wagon we called “The Beast.” It had spent YEARS with who knows how many dogs and cats beign transported in it, giving it a perpetual barnyard smell. Which is impressive, sicne we live int he City. Anyway, the thing is, this thing was unstoppable. Dad lost the key? Turns out it can drive without one! Left it out on the street at night with windows open and doors unlocked? Not a DAMN person would touch it.

…I miss that thing.

The car I buy will be named after a KoF character. Which one depends on the car I end up with. Terry Bogard, Mai Shiranui, Billy Kane, and Geese Howard are all in the running.

The car I buy will be named after a Street Fighter character. Which one depends on the car I end up with. Ken, Chun-Li, Vega, and Sakura are all in the running.

If you pick Sakura I’ll beat you to death with a rake.

What’s wrong with Sakura? Sure she’s another Ryu/Ken clone, but she is still a fairly balanced character, and very easy to get used to.

The hatmobile still technically runs I guess. At this point I put him out to stud though.

Actually, if you look at pretty much any game she’s in, she’s either top or bottom tier (in other words, the best/one of the best, or the worst/one of the worst):

CvS2: Top tier (in A Groove)
SFAlpha2: Low tier
SFAlpha3: Top tier (debatably the best V-ism character)
Marvel Superheroes vs Street Fighter: Low Tier
Marvel Vs Capcom 2: Not sure, but it doesn’t matter - there’s only about 6-8 character that are feasible in top level play, and Sakura definitely isn’t one of them
Capcom Fighting Evolution: Low tier (actually, she’s probably by and large the worst character in the game)

So if anything, Sakura is one of the least balanced - for better or worse - characters in all of Street Fighter.

But, on the topic of this thread:

I call my truck THE WHITE RANGER!!! Yeah!!!

My father’s coupé Ford Taunus MKII, and the following Taunus bought by my uncle were called “Gardel” and “Goyeneche” respectively, in honor of the Tango singers. Goyeneche still runs.

I already have friendw with cars named for all the power rangers, and I wasn’t about to move on to Beetle Borgs, so I went to fighting games.

Oh, and I really hate Sakura, just as a design. I don’t even know what it is. I just despise her.

My red '99 Fiat Punto has been given several nicknames:

  • “The Red Knight” as the savior of many a drunken evening as the people in distress have little or no patience for the public transport aaand “Maba probably has nothing better to do”

  • Mabamobile (Self-explainatory)

  • Mabatsekker’s Tuned Up Ferrari [With aluminium wheels, darkened rear windows (yeah yeah making out in the back I know) and the newly installed ‘sporty’ exhaust.]

I knew a guy who called his van the ‘cherry-popper’. But then, this guy also chose his college based off of the proximity to an all-girls high school, so it was creepy from the beginning.

The blue car.

Red Knight has gained a level! Got me an Opel Astra Sports! o/

Mabamobile II has already been mentioned >_>;

Perhaps in the spirit of M&M7… Red Cavalier… Nah.


Who names there Car? i do love my new car though

Before it was wrecked, my mum named hers ‘Till’ after the lead of Rammstein. It was a really nice car, too. :frowning:

The Shitbucket

My dad has a truck that has holes in the floorboard, no doors, no radio, no AC, a leaking gas pipe, and a faulty engine. I call it…the Trash-o-matic 2000.

Of course; it’s name is The motherfucking Bus.