Does this Prada armor give a bonus to magic?

Final Fantasy characters modelling for Prada. Officially.

I was honestly shocked when I saw this. Its just so awful. My gf said “what happened, what did you see!?” and I just couldn’t answer. She found the link by happenstance later in the day and was just as horrified.

I’ll admit it. I would much rather have Noruma’s fashion atrocities than those. Seriously, what fresh hell took a dump all over that fem-dude with the long pink hair?

[STRIKE]Final[/STRIKE] Douchebag Label Product Spot Fantasy.

Is Final Fantasy even relevant anymore? :confused:

What the fuck happened to S-E

The bottom button of a suit jacket is not meant to be buttoned. That is the biggest crime in all of this.

The last single-player FFs were too railroading and grindy, right? It’s hard to get that combination to work whereas Enix got away with making DQIX grindy because it wasn’t too limiting and you could usually do your thing. It’s a shame for S-E because TWEWY was a great game, so apparently there’s still talent in the studio when they focus on the right things. But yes, I think the reaction to the last FFs was mostly a collective shrug.

I’ve been playing Chrono Trigger on a normal playthrough for the first time in over a decade and though it’s not perfect, you can see design choices paying off even when you know what happens next. I suppose the takeaway is have a working battle system, an interesting story and make players care about your characters. S-E botched these, didn’t they?

the girls have too much clothing on

Basically, it’s just a too big for its britches Enix with the dead rotting corpse of Squaresoft strapped to the front bumper.

Consider the following…

Mana series–Dead
SaGa series–Dead
Chrono series–MIA (presumed dead)
Parasite Eve series–KIA
Final Fantasy series–Shambling Zombie
Dragon Quest series–Still the Golden Boy (despite shifting to MMO status)
Valkyrie Profile series–Still alive (though it’s more Tri-Ace now than Squeenix)
Star Ocean series–Still sucks

…the rest is all Western appropriated material and whatever Nomura cooks up for TGS (i.e. Kingdom Hearts and random offshoots like Sigma Harmonics and TWEWY).

There’s pretty much nothing left of the old Squaresoft save for Final Fantasy which has been nothing but a shadow of its former glory since at least 11 if not 9. 10 was too busy being next gen to be good, 11 was an MMO that somehow managed to coexist with WoW during its heyday. 12 was too busy waging political infighting to realize they were taking too many cues from 11. 13 was a directionless tech demo. 13-2 ended up becoming the game that 13-1 was supposed to be to begin with. 13-Versus theoretically exists in some form at some point. 13-Type0 is some weird quantum existence that defies the laws of physics and/or logic (as far as I know it’s basically Schrodinger’s Game, its supposedly good but probably terrible but we won’t know for sure until it leaves Japan). And, all the rest (7 compilation fully sucked, Tactics Advanced 1 & 2 were mediocre grindfests, 4 sequels were overpriced cellphone games made in RPGMaker2K, Dissidas 1 and 12 were goofy but cool, 14 was an unmitigated disaster that needed to hit the reset button and go back to the drawing board, Four Heroes of Light and its not yet released sequel Bravely Default the former of which was okay but not great, and other stuff like a rhythm game, more cellphone games, and continuous 1-6 rererereleases/ports).

Tl;dr: :thud:

“…Enix with the dead rotting corpse of Squaresoft strapped to the front bumper.” <—This statement is ridiculously accurate. Sadly.

Weren’t most S-E employees former Square employees at the time of the merger?

This isn’t on topic.

I guess Prada is trying to make wearing an ugly silk bandana as a poorly-tied necktie worn on the neck under the collar seem fashionable. Also, they think anyone in the world who wants to buy prada might possibly want to buy a Target rip-off polo shirt.

If Freddy couldn’t make an Ascot work back in the sixties, what makes Prada think that Hope can today.

Obligatory :scooby: emoticon.

Double the Post:

Prada the continuing. Now featuring Sabertooth for some reason.