Does gender/race/etc matter to you?

So yeah, just out of curiosity, DOES it matter to you?

It doesn’t to me, I’m more of a party’s aims kinda guy (which I will be looking into for my country as soon as I have time and care enough to vote -_-), but I’m just wondering if it matters to any of you?

Of course not. THEY’RE ALL THE SAME TO ME.

No. I could care less about people’s gender, ethnicity, sex orientation, nationality, and so forth.

No. I don’t even think it should be a factor, but I know it always will be. Gender and ethnicity just bring different points of view which can really help in situations.

Why do I get this feeling of déjà vu?

Leaders of every colour (they’re not “Races” as they’re part of the human race, and if I say “subrace” it will be taken the wrong way by someone), sex, religion, sexual orientation, degree of marital fidelity, and any other varying factours have done equally evil things throughout the course of time and are inherently selfish with an equal frequency of approximately 100%, or to close to it to label otherwise.
So, no, it doesn’t. I lambaste them all with egalitarian regard to their various social statistics.

uh I should read carefully next time.

If they are assholes, then they are not for me. Thats how it goes.

BTW Arac. I feel smarter having understood your post. :ah-ha!:

If my politician’s etc isn’t right, they won’t get my vote.

You etcist!

No, unless it comes to shootin’ the moon over Miami. In which case, gender matters. No men allowed. >=O

Not really, it all depends on what they do for me. I don’t look at the colour of their skin or whether they have boobs or not, i look at the tax cuts they offer.

I don’t notice any of those things really. ^^
Unless a person constantly brings it up to me then they become defined by what they’ve told me. Tis why this one girl in multifaith council is known as The Jewish Girl and one of my friends is The Tall White Blonde Chick.

Arac, your writing reminds me of that which I was forced to read for a cinema class. Every other word was a word I didn’t know =p

Absolutely. I’m much less likely to vote for an outwardly religious type than I am for either a less religious person or someone who expresses the desire to keep their personal faith out of their public decisions, absent other factors. Otherwise it doesn’t matter much, though I do have an irrational antagonism towards old pudgy white guys. Have to keep that one in check consciously.

Of course NOT… anyone possesing any combination of physical/mental/social attributes are equally inferior to the suchness that is me!!!

But really, nah… i couldnt give two f%#ks like being offered to partake in unintriguing threesomes… unless it comes to sex, than yeah only females.

I assert that it doesn’t matter if you’re black or white. Now, they printed that message in the Saturday Sun, but I had to tell them that I ain’t second to none. And then I told about equality; and it’s true: either you’re wrong, or you’re right.

I’m tired of this devil. I’m tired of this stuff. I’m tired of this business. So when the going gets rough I ain’t scared of your brother. I ain’t scared of no sheets. I ain’t scared of nobody, girl, when the goin’ gets mean.

Protection, for gangs, clubs, and nations; causing grief in Human relations. Its a turf war on a global scale. I’d rather hear both sides of the tale; see, its not about races, just places, faces. Where your blood comes from is where your space is. I’ve seen the bright get duller, I’m not going to spend my life being a colour.

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