Does Deedly still maintain his King's Bounty shrine?

If not I know a few ways I could touch it up once I finish up my shrine. In other words, once the Heroes 1 shrine is finished I’d love to maintain it if he’s no longer around. His email address doesn’t work to contact him.

I haven’t seen Deedly around at all, for like, years. There are a few staffers who only participate in staff discussions, but Deedly doesn’t even do that. So, I’m not sure what the deal is with that.

No way to contact him?

Not if his RPGC mail doesn’t work.

So he’s essentially vanished?

Like a puff of smoke :[

Does that mean I get to step over the ashes and ghoulishly mangle (read, maintain/update) his King’s Bounty shrine when I’m finished Homm1? :thinking:

I’d be adding info from the DOS and Commodore64 versions (not too too much from C64 though… it’s sooo slow). Also updating many of the uglier genesis graphics (I already have the graphics ripped as part of my Homm1 shrine you see).

You betcha!

Sweet deal. back to work studying for my MCSE and putting the odd line of text/ripping the odd sprite for my shrine.