Does Anyone..

Does anyone have a site they know of that has a list of occupations like the one above? Im trying to find a site that has a bunch of occupations listed WITH a general or detailed summary that describes the occupation. But I have no idea what to put into a google search that can narrow it down.

Any good site suggestions?

In the UK we used a program called Kudos which gave you not only a list of most (and I mean a LOT) of jobs available over the world, but also what qualifications you’d need and what they entailed, then let you fill out a long-ish questionnaire to find out a rough idea of what you’d want. You could try that.

Smallish list here though, mostly links:

A better one here:

Hope these help.

For a NZ flavour, see this site.

Pierson, your first link is the one I posted ^.~ But thanks nonetheless for the two other’s guys, I don’t care what country the site is made for, I’m just interested in gaining more knowledge of what’s available out there.