Does anyone still maintain the shrine for Lunar Silver Star?

The people mentioned are inactive, wasnt sure who to message. I have a pressing game question, was hoping to ask someone. Appreciate any help.

Most probably not. The majority of our staffers are inactive, I’m afraid.

But hey, ask your question here, we might be able to help you. :slight_smile:

Ok, no making fun. I havent played this game in several years.
I followed all the steps in the walkthrough,
but cannot get the guy in Iluk to ask me for a root. So, when i go to the desert, there only sandworms.
I cant find any more info, except that someone else on here asked the same question a million years ago and got no reply.
any suggestions?
This game is picky-if the exact right words arent said or some shit, you cant progress. Although I will always love it, and the sequel.


To be honest, i’ve never played the game before. However there is one website that always helps me out when i’m stuck in games. You may have already heard about it, it’s called Game Faqs

Here’s the link for your game:

Hope it helps you out!

In case anyone answers this, Ive already used the internet to its full potential. Theres nothing of use in walkthroughs- Ive done everything they all list. In fact, it was this problem that led me to find this lovely website, which led to chat, which led to an invitiation to join these forums.
So, blah. Oh well, will just play chrono trigger.

I’ve created an account SPECIFICALLY to answer this question, since yes, the Internets are otherwise useless and I just spent two hours banging my head against it. Near as I can tell, here’s where people go wrong:

  • Laike normally shows up in Reza and has some extended dialogue which I suspect usually unlocks the roots dialog in Iluk.
  • If you’re in a rush or over-exploring before tackling the main plot, you maybe chat Laike up once and then blow through to get the thieves’ pass and get your wings back and get the Rain Cloud. Maybe you need to go back to Iluk and talk to the inventor in the southeast house to unlock the Rain Cloud, but either way, you acquire the Rain Cloud, so now Laike’s gone from Reza and can’t tell you about the Iluk inventor to unlock the roots dialog. So you’re stuck about half a page down the most complete walkthroughs and nothing prior to the Rain Cloud will trigger because you’ve missed Laike, but nothing further down will trigger because you haven’t been to Damon’s Spire.

Or maybe all of the above is irrelevant and the real normal trigger has nothing to do with Laike. This is just how I found myself stuck. Point is:

*** Go to the Thieves’ Bazaar. There’s one generic mundane little NPC guy in the middle of the room south of the first stall east of the stairs. HIS conversation will tell you about the Iluk inventor and suggest that if you want to go to Damon’s spire, you should check out the flying machine. Hey-presto- roots dialog with the flying machine inventor is unlocked.

(oh, and mods, apologies for the necro-post, this thread just happens to be the only discussion on the issue which is even ~accepting~ new posts, and which comes up in the Google short-list, and I wanted to get the info out there)