Does Anyone Remember King's Quest?

It was an old PC game series about King Graham and his family in the Kingdom of Daventry. The series runs from King’s Quest 1 through King’s Quest 8. My favorites in this game series are:

King’s Quest 5
King’s Quest 6
King’s Quest 7

Anyway, does anyone remember this game series? :thud:

Yeah, I remember playing King’s Quest 6 and King’s Quest 8 a long time ago. I thought 6 was okay, but I remember disliking 8. I barely remember most of it, but I still know the series, even though I never got into it too deeply.

I think i have one of those. Never played it though.

Yeah, King Quest series were one of my earliest games I played.

If your intressed, check out the really kickass remakes of King Quest 1 and 2 from Tierra.

Very, very good stuff.

Wow, those remakes look awesome! I’ll have to try them sometime…

Wow, we owned a copy of King’s Quest 1, and that remake looks really good. Got stumped in a whole heap of places in that game. I’d love another go at it. Got a hint book for 6 and beat it feeling kind of bad for cheating, sort of. My uncle had 5, and I played that a little, but not very far.

King’s Quest 1 rocks! xD

“give riding hood basket” command not found “give girl basket” works. :smiley:

I played it with my friend, but we’re stuck, and it’s so old we can’t find a walkthrough. Do you know King’s Quest 1? Maybe you could help us! :o

I remember the series but I never really got into it heh

I tried the demo for KQ7 I think…
But I didn’t really like it.
I think Hero’s Quest is better… (The game that was later remade as Quest for Glory…)

They working on a Quest for Glory 2 VGA remake, wich is probably my favorite QfG.

And out of the remakes currently done, King Quest 2’s is definitvly the best. There so much plot added, so much deepth added. The thing really kick ass and the original is but a shadow compared.

Oh yeah! One of the first PC Games I ever played. Can’t remember which number it was, but it was the one where you have to kiss a frog, swim to an island through shark-infested waters, and explore a haunted house. That games rocked.

I always used to use the “eat” command to try and eat weird things, like the frog. “That would not taste good” is all I ever got back. :hahaha;

Egads, that was a while ago.

I remember it… I still have it, and the rest of the collection.

I managed to get my grubby hands on a copy on several of those Sierra collections releases. I do enjoy the games, and I have to say six is my favorite… and the Tierra remakes are GREAT! prays the new, greedy Sierra doesn’t get copyright greedy on them.

If you are stuck on KQ1, maybe I can help… what do you need.

When I was about ten or so, my neighbour and I played King’s Quest III constantly. We amused ourselves greatly, even though we never managed to escape from the wizard at the beginning of the game.

I remember reading a Nintendo Power article about King’s Quest V. It looked pretty cool and at the time I wondered what happened to King’s Quests I-IV.