Does anyone know...

Does anyone know when Mother 3 is coming out for Game Cube? I personally can’t wait…

Did you know that Earthbound sucks? its a scientific fact!

I Must Agree On That One…

Hells no, it’s freaky characters and easily made up plot got me hooked :smiley:

<img src=“”> Earthbound kicks ass you heathens. And no, I haven’t heard any info after it was shown for the N64 on the Spaceworld Expo a few years ago.

Well, I’m glad someone shares my love of corny games, I’m going to continue my search for an answer at, they’re bound to have some answers.

Im pretty sure its coming to the GBA and not the cube. I already know that mother 1+2 is coming out for the GBA in not too long unless its already out and 3 is supposed to come out not long after 1+2.

Hmmmmm, maybe…

I haven’t played much Earthbound (granted I only played the first cave) I think it’s a really cool game. I hate that all these great games are coming out for the GBA. All they need is updated graphics and they’d be great for the NGC or PS2. I’m still waiting for FFTA.

Mother 3 is coming to GBA. Itoi wanted something more simple, he likes his games perfact and Mother rocks so yeah I can’t wait.

Charlemagne, trolling is against the rules, please don’t do it anymore.

And on another note, I can’t wait for Mother 3. Maybe would know something? Or is it I can’t remember, heh. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hated Earthbound…it was way, way too fucking lame for my tastes.

I’ve never played Earthbound, but I’m perfectly willing to play a corny game. Heck, I usually intercalate the more serious games with the sillier ones. I remember I played Thousand Arms right after I played Xenogears- boy, I needed to unwind after THAT one…!

Well, you can’t get more silly than Earthound Man, that game was really screwed up! I mean, you fought coffee as enemies, you used Bottle Rockets as actual offensive items, and there was a Trout-flavored Yogurt machine that, if used in battle, causes 1HP of damage!

…Man, now I gotta go replay it. =P

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
…Man, now I gotta go replay it. =P

Damn you, now I have to replay it 8p

The Earthboud series is just about the worst gaming series I’ve ever had the misfortune of playing. The only thing to beat it is the Wild Arms series.

i’ve always wanted to play earthbound…but i can never find the game or a rom…

EarthBound r0xx0rz your b0xx0rz.

BTW, any EB fans who havn;t already should go to NOW. :cool:

Originally posted by Lord Zhou Yu
i’ve always wanted to play earthbound…but i can never find the game or a rom…

I’ve got the rom, but I haven’t actually bothered to sit down and play it yet.