Does anyone know what my avvie is from?

You can see the fullsize one here.

A comic book named Genesis.

At least, that’s my best guess.

Does anybody care?

The bible

Is that porn?

Looks a bit like Graham from AoS.

Is that the guy from the comic book Preacher?

Yeah, it’s Jesse Custer in one of the last issues from Preacher.

Originally posted by Megaman984
Is that the guy from the comic book Preacher?

YES, YES, OH HOLY HELL YES! :slight_smile:

It sometimes seems that noBODY noWHERE has even HEARD of some of the PHEMONIMAL comic books i’m into, least of all Preacher, whitch let me tell you, is a crying shame.

So, have you accualy READ some of the Preacher books? My dad has the whole series in 9 trade paperbacks, and ive read them all multiple times.

And BTW, it’s from the FIRST issue of preacher. It’s Jesse merging with the angelic-demonic hybrid entity Genesis.

Never read any Preacher. I just know about it.

Oh…HIGHLY reccomened, in that case.

Be warned…it is VERY graphic.

That picture is pretty cool looking, although I don’t know if I’d be able to enjoy a comic book that stars a preacher… unless it isn’t about a preacher, which in that case, the title of the comic book is very misleading.

I THINK it’s about a Preacher who’s trying to hunt down God who is off on some adulterous excursion leaving all of Heaven in shambles. Not sure. That’s what I’ve been told about it.

Since we’re talking about graphic comic books and leaving heaven in shambles, might I reccomend “Crimson”. It’s pretty good, but the ending blows.

Well, you don’t see Jesse “preaching” too much in the series, although he is a preacher :stuck_out_tongue:
And anything written by Garth Ennis is highly recommended…Hellblazer, Hitman, Punisher, etc.

Garth Ennis is a GOD…his pushiner comics rule, and Hitman pwnz BIG TIME.

Some other comics I couldn’t live without are StormWatch and The Authority. Teh L33T.