Does anyone know of...

…any websites that let you purchance singular music tracks? I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for this one song, and no MP3s of it seem to be optainable by any free mediums, including Kazaa and other such things.

I THOUGHT I found something from this one site that lets you purchace songs for, like, 60 cents a piece, but I later found out that you had to put at least 20 bucks up front before you could buy anything…and if I’m not willing to pay ten bucks for the CD to get this one song…

Well, does anyone know of any sites like this?

(The song I’m looking for is “Back in Time”, by Rage. They have an incomplete, low-quality version of it for download on their official site, but with a song this good, I refuse to settle.)


You can try to register for Comcast Rhapsody. Then, you can listen to any song, anytime, on any computer for free (Costs $9.99 a month.)

Rage? Rage Against the Machine, or some band called Rage that I don’t know of?

Rage. Just Rage. Here is the group’s official site. (I’ve barely heard of them myself…they have a download of the song I want, but like I said, the quality is low and it cuts off halfway through.)

As Devillion said iTunes. The music store is North-America only as of present though.

I doubt there is a webstore that sells mp3s. The record industry doesn’t want competition that could easily defeat them, so they jump onto webstores like that in a mad frenzy the day they get word of them.