Does anyone know how to fix headphones?

Normally I wouldn’t go through the trouble, but this pair happened to be rather expensive (over $80). Anyway, one side doesn’t work, I’m thinking it’s some kind of loose/broken wire. How do I fix thisssss?

Why would you pay $80 for a pair of headphones?

The salesguy wouldn’t leave me alone :frowning:

But seriously, it’s because I listen to music extremely loudly and I needed a pair that wouldn’t be required to be replaced a week later like the lightweight crap I usually got.

Just trust me when I say it wasn’t a bad investment. Anyway, I need help :frowning:

And here i thought that 20 bucks was too extravagant. You sir, should have treated yourself to a nice pair of heels, with that money.

Hades, I’ll help you troubleshoot it over MSN. There are a few possible things wrong with it.

I’d pay $80 bucks for a good set of headphones that don’t break down after a month like my $15 ones. But I’m a cheap bum so I just whine to my mom about how nobody should be subjected to my sister’s singing and she gets me a new set <_<

Is it still under warrenty?

Once I thought one side of my headphones were broken for weeks, it was so long before I noticed I had them switched to Mono.

That’s a good question >>; Actually, I’m not sure it even had one.

Have you tryed pluging in to other Devices? (i.e another PC, laptop, Most Game boys (Not SP, don’t know about SP), “portable steiros”)
-Since you could of bent a “brush” away from the normal postion and sound is lost on one side, when in a certain socket, when the Plug is inserted correctly. This it just to prove it’s your head phones not the device with a problem.

I regually caursed internal wire damage with in some of my head phones. If wiggling the wire near the Pulg or the problem earphone tempallry restores sound. It is the cause of the problem. You have 2 choice buy new ones or cut out the probelem area and re-solder the wires back to the correct places. This will void your wantay if you have one.

I regually have broken interal wires, so I get £12 Sony ones that last for some time and have good sound quality.

I’m assuming these are 5.1 heaphones? Seems about that price range.

And they should definately be under warranty, if you payed THAT much for them.