Does anyone have the feeling that Ivalice and Spira are the same planet?

Both being continents on opposite sides of the world? While there is not much to support this there is also not much to dispute it either.

Spira is not a continent, as is fairly evident from the world map.

Now where exactly did you go and get this crazy idea from?

Admitally there is nothing disputing the idea you have put forward… just like there is nothing disputing the idea that dogs can really speak English when no one is listening. It is just crazy. There is nothing connecting the two worlds, no references to each other or each other’s cultures, or anything.

The only two games (in the main series) that shares the same world (or at least are impiled to) are FF7 and FF10. Since FFX-2 had direct references to concepts of the FF7 world, like the Lifestream, getting energy from it, etc.

Does the map cover both sides of the planet? I don’t recall.

It’s a flat map, like every other RPG map in existence. There’s no real way to tell since you can’t physically travel from one end to the next.

In Spira, when you killed monsters, Pyreflies came out of them.

In Ivalice, when you killed monsters, they fell to the ground, and you skinned them.

So no. They’re not even in the same fictional universe.

Right now Square Enix is reading this thread and stroking their chins. I sense another shitty mash up coming up.

Fuck you for even making me think OF that.

Casebook example of argumentum ad ignorantium. You cannot argue that something is true merely because it has not been proven false.

stop making fun of religion!

To answer this thread’s question in my own particular idiom.


Not at all.