Does anybody play Runescape????

I have been playing runescape for a year now and my guy kinda sucks i just wanna know if there is any body else who plays

I dont know about that. But I see your fav RPG is Chrono Trigger! YAY!

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I do. My sn’s Ryotokineto, of course. I just started yesterday, actually. But I’ve been playing nonstop, so I’m like level 13 already.

I play on and off. My guy is Taraniii

I’ve also been playing for a year and my guy is like average lvl.

I used to play,but once I opened my eyes the game sucked you pretty much do the same thing over and over and that the weapons never change I quit because every quest is the same kill stuff or do a puzzle…BORING!

yeah i played runescape for a bit, it’s quite fun but the damage system is pretty low dont you think?

I totally disagree. The damage system has to do on your strength. If your strenght is low you do little damage, but if it is high you do great damage.

The same could be said for a large number of RPGs. Especially other MMOs.

I play off and on. Off right now.