Do you love everything?

It has come to my attention that I hate just about everything. A few of my friends feel the same way. What about you guys?

(I found the poll option at the bottom. woot.)


You’re special. :slight_smile:


Next step: School shooting.


How about no?:runaway:

Where is the The 984 is My Only Mistress Now option?

He must have gotten lazy.

That’s it, Dark Heart! Care Bears! Care Cousins! CARE BEAR STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE!

Hmm I was half expecting someone to have added the ‘Nekkid Lesbian Twins’ option (or whatever it is, been ages since I seen it)… How could anyone not love that?

The Naked Lesbian Twins are a lot older than they used to be so they aren’t as hot. Hence why they aren’t in any more polls.