Do You Like Me...

and why. Just wondering in my insecurity how many people like me or don’t, and why.

I don’t really know you too well, but you seem all right. You seem to be involved in a couple of rps that are still going. Plus you like pokemon ^ _ ^

I hope this isn’t the new bandwagon, people asking if they are liked or hated, most people don’t know each other too well. Or i don’t know too many that well.


But I don’t know you too well to judge, but I do like you from what I see.


(10 character limit) :ulty:

I do not know you very well at all.

You joined right after me… I just realized that.

Anyways, like the others, I don’t know very well also, mainly because I just came back and started posting again.

I going to say, MAYBE. Since I just don’t know you that well, or really want to know you that well.

No.<!-- -->

No. There was a reason before, but it slipped my mind right now.

Looks like we have another bandwagon, as Cala noted…

I don’t know you very well, but I have nothing against you.

Feel the hate but no reasons why. It’s as good thing I really don’t care about the yes or no, just the why. what could I do to improve my general outlook besides getting people to know a little bit more.

I didn’t vote at all.

I’m clamping down these “do you like me” threads, because they can only lead to trouble. You should ask the people who matter to you or who’s opinions youcan trust about questions such as these.