Do you havea Gaia online prophile?

I do. Except Stain was taken. I’m Austain on GO.

I have one but I do not know how to go about doing anything.

Heh, i flooded that place a few weeks back. sniff oh the memories

There’s no monsters, so it’s not worth it

hahaha Gaia Online hahaha


Not only that, but hell no.
Not only that, but HELL FUCKING NO WAY.

I refuse to do more than mock that sort of retardery.

What’s the point of it? Just chat with people and impress them with how pretty your character is?

Maplestory was dumb too, but at least there were monsters to kill

I actually managed to get banned. So, I guess I don’t have a profile there

I have five. I have btween them a total of 10 posts as I keep rejoining as I forget my name and then I spend five minutes there after my welcome thread and it hits me that there a reason I keep supressing my username and password, so I basically have never gone back to that insane crazy place.

Thet’re in the middle of making a battle system. Soon you will be able to battle monsters.

I made one solely for research purposes. I them turned it over to me mate Soo, who said of it “wow, I’m only on the second page and already I feel my anus being lubricated.” I think the term “biggest conglomerate of pre-pubescent wankers on the planet” also came up somewhere in there.

In short, no. In long: look for a Soo Reams-produced parody coming soon! :wink:

Yeah, I have a profile. SSKK6. GaiaOnline isn’t much.

Dark Grimoire
Gaia Online
and those NWN grind servers

All useless free mmorpgs

I think my eyes are playing tricks on me or something because I know what the title to this thread is, but that’s not what I saw just now. “Are you a gaia online pedophile?”

No, one of the people here has a signature that says something about Ragnarok ONline and pedos

If there’s anyone who has a file they never use, can I have some gold?

That would be Sin, Basara.