Do you buckle your seat belt?


Yes, because my car beeps at me if I don’t, and I’m like “Shut up shut up shut up!”

Yes. Even if you’ve got someone driving you that you trust with your life, there are always others on the roads that can make mistakes just like that.

It’s pretty much engrained in me, while I had to keep reminding my brother when we were kids.:stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah…my parents kinda taught us that since we were really little, and besides, I’ve seen results of what happens when you don’t. shudders

Oh, you mean the gory videos they show in driver’s ed?
Yeh, I saw those, I don’t buckle up because of that, I do it because it’s like 2nd nature to me.

I’ve never been in driver’s ed. I’m not old enough to drive.

And yeah, it’s 2nd nature to most people, and even if it’s not, there’s enough pics out there to make 'em think twice.

I do. After being in the car for so long, it’s sort of a reflex for me.

I do as well, mainly because with certain habits of mine, the driver is often times intoxicated. While seat belts aren’t exactly the most protection in the world, it is a good precaution.

Every time.

Dipends were I am sitting.


Yes, because they made it a freakin’ state law.

Nope. In China miost of the cars don’t even HAVE seatbelts, so after a while you get used to it. When I’m in Germany or some other country though, I always do.

I do. If it helps protect me, I’m for it. I don’t see what the debate is all about anyway.

It would be reckless to act otherwise.