Do Not Call Registry Blocked

Just a little update on that Do Not Call Registry to try and blcok telemarketers:

What I found interesting was this quote:
“However, an administrative agency’s power to regulate in the public interest must always be grounded in a valid grant of authority from Congress.”

I guess I understand the logic, and it does have some merit, but I would think there would also be a mention of a valid grant of power from the Constitution… Ah well. Just me probably making a mountain out of a mole hill.

You know what I’d like to read about next on the news? How someone publicizing the judge’s phone numbers and how the judge is being disturbed continuously 24/7 until the do not call list gets installed. That would be appropriate for the simple reason he’d realize why the list was created in the first place.

Not quite, Sin, but Dave Barry publicized some Telemarketer’s union phone number and…well, you can guess what happened then. Needless to say they’re not happy, and lashed out at Barry, but thankfully no one seems to give a fuck and the Miami Herald was in no big hurry to discipline him.

My point exactly.

The entire concept of this is flawed, they need to follow the example of other countries (can’t remember which at the moment) and make it an “opt-in” list rather then “opt-out”. But no, that would make people lose money and destroy a bunch of jobs.

Not to mention win voters

Wow, congress moved FAST

Wait. You mean our government did something right? OMG! :hahaha;

Man, we did something right for a change. Go us.

Everyone hates telemarketers, even themselves. nod, nod

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Everyone hates telemarketers, even themselves. nod, nod

Truer words have never been spoken.