Do me a favor, you may even laugh

Watch these videos. This is my friend Dylan. Whenever we get blazed he does absolutely ridiculous shit, so I decided to start recording it so we can make money. Check these out and please vote them as 10’s.

Hahahaha wut.

ah i guess you need a name to vote, but they’re funny nonetheless.

He’s totally nuts, y’know.



king kong lol

Haha, Oprah. Funny stuff.
You need a new camera man.

I love the I am me thing… It was so beautiful.

“I fucked kyle”
“I fucked Kyle”
“I fucked Kyle in his ass”

Fuck I love this shit.

haha i’m the camera man. I’m too blazed and laughing too hard to hold it steady.

I’m so blazed right now…

Lmao, I loved his freestyling.