Do gay androids dream of electric gay bears?

I’m burning with desire to know your answer to this query!

No. Of course not. They dream of gay electric sheep.

damn son look at that poll

Y’all trippin’. :expressionless:

Sorry, I have this trend of choosing the 984 options as I see fit.

Is this electric ship I’m hearing all about some eternally copyrighted eco-version of Steamboat Willy?

This whole gay bears thing is going right over my head. Can somebody explain it to me?

Nope, sorry. You had to be there. :\

Actually… it’s my fault. Sorta.

A few months back we were commenting on the kind of weird ads that were popping up on the site. I then mentioned that, over on TV Tropes, I was getting even weirder ads, including some for a “Gay Bear” (that is, hairy gay men) dating service. Which totally baffled me.

And of course, 984 ran with it, at it has now become THE RPGC meme. :thud:

At least now I’m getting those EVONY RPG ads instead. With the big-breasted chick. :wink:

You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

Also, Ez helped. And Vicki’s the one that changed the term from Bear Dating Service to Gay Bear Dating.

And really. Is :gaybear: all that different from Naked Lesbian Twins?

984: You keep the cute Gay Bear, I’ll keep the Lesbian Twins. :hahaha;

Can we get a lesbian twins smilie up in here?