DN Angel

Anybody seen or read?

I’ve herd the anime series is pretty good. Got licensed just recently so no more subs most likely.

Get ready for a dub though

I resent dubs. Subs for life, much more original and none of the dialogue gets censored. And when a series gets licensed doesn’t necessarily mean it’s gonna stop anybody from making subs.

i havent seen it but Daisuke and that other guy are extremely cute.

Well that’s quite normal… It’s a shoujo manga =)

one of the most awesome anime/mnaga i ever saw. manga scanlation is… who’s doing it? i wants it. i might be able to scanlate it if anyone wants it badly.
i resent dubs too, subs for life. and yeah, licensing sux and everything underground is good. :slight_smile:

we did a watcher column about this series at my website

not to brag but
Thank you NEWTYPE USA (Page 175) - Web Watch!!!
the site seems to be finally picking up

whaAAA all my posts went down again