Distorted Travesty

Distorted Travesty. It’s an RPG platformer where you run through an assortment of game worlds, there are levels based on Mario, Kirby, Castlevania, and other franchise.

It’s made by Dark Yoshi, or ZephyrBurst, or was it Joewhocares? I’m not really certain which i’m supposed to call him. The games are freeware, and both it and it’s sequel, as well as information on the next installment, can be found at this blog: http://distortedtravesty.blogspot.com/

For more info you can watch this review:

Or inspect these game trailers:

What’s more you can find an interview with the author here: http://www.gamerzsnark.com/joewhocares_interview.htm

“Is based on D-Gray-Man” Welp, I suddenly don’t give a crap anymore.

I will admit that it was better than it starring Sephiroth like my initial impression suspected but not by enough.

Actually it’s strange. The author’s never seen D-grayman, he just thought Allen Walker’s sprites looked cool and used them. The game is a mash-up fangame featuring levels based on Mario, Link, Castvania, ect. ect.

The stages start out pretty easy, and move rapidly towards sadistic. And then well past sadistic in the later portions of the game.

Music and graphics are good, which is to be expected since it’s all stolen from other games (what did you expect from a fangame?). Controls are very good. And as for the plot… Well, there is no plot. It’s a spoof. A comedy. a parody. A… Well you get the idea.

This game is definately not for everyone. The difficulty curve alone sees to that.